Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Simple Living" campaign

LV has sued a student artist, Nadia Plesner, over her "Simple Living" campaign, a fundraiser that benefits the Divest for Darfur organization.
Plesner drew an image of a Darfur victim holding a teacup style dog and toting an LV-inspired bag, to prove that a Paris Hilton-centric image would get more media attention than real-life Darfur victims. She was right, and has been raising money for the cause by putting her drawing on t-shirts and posters.
Except LV isn't exactly happy about it - even though 100% of Plesner's profits have been going straight to Darfur victims, Louis Vuitton is suing her for around $22,000 per day that she continues her campaign - apparently they think the design, though it doesn't include an exact copy of the Murakami pattern, infringes on their intellectual property rights.
We understand why Louis Vuitton might not want what is clearly meant to represent their most recognized accessory hanging off the arm of an emaciated child victim, but, really?

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