Monday, August 31, 2009

Win 5 T-Shirts Monsieursteve

You all know, The Trendy tees shop. To finish those great vacations we just spent, and to start the month with a smile on your face, what is better than winning 5 awesome Tshirts ? MonsieurSteve, decided to give away 5 Tess to our readers, so you can finally be trendy and trash at the same time. So if you do love Serge and Karl, or thinks that Kate Moss Rocks, it’s THE time to leave a comment here.

How to win ? Easy !
You can leave one, two or three comments on this article !
-In the First one, you just have to put the link of your facebook profile where you posted the link of this article (you can use our widget on the right)
-In the second comment, you can post your twitter profile link, and leave this message on it “RT @whitezine : win 5 Awesome Tshirts from″ On this account, you must follow Monsieur Steve (@yesiwant)
-In the last comment, you must post a blog article where you talked about this Giveaway, and about

If you don’t have either Twitter, Facebook or blog. You can leave ONE and only ONE comment with anything in it !)
You only have 48 hours to participate. BUT a surpsie will be waiting for you in 48 hours. The only thing i can tell you ? Participate as much as you can, because it’s going to be worth it. Good Luck

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